Fuel Cost Factors and Efficient Driving

Fuel costs account for more than 40% of the total operating cost of the fleet of the company. The challenges our clients face today are related to:

  • High Fuel Prices
  • Fleet efficiency
  • Fraud / Misuse
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Driving behavior

Up to 70% of the fuel economy margins are affected by factors that drivers and fleet managers can control and correct. Its fuel and efficiency are the biggest operating costs that fleet owners and fleet managers face today.

Fuel cost is important not to keep track of, with ForeFleet being the only automated, high-precision solution for recording, analyzing and managing fuel consumption.

Any percentage reduction in consumption translates into significant savings. With ForeFleet, the business can achieve 9-22% reduction in total consumption.

At the same time, its fully automated solution enables you to issue electronic documents that are imported in real-time into a cloud application or on a local server of the enterprise. Through the system, all vehicle refills, volumes and fuel types are captured, and with a number of statistical tools the user can compare the efficiency of each vehicle, its average consumption, etc., without having to spend critical man-hours for manual processing and analyzing. Finally, for additional time savings and reduced error probability, it is possible to automatically import the documents into the ERP application.


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