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Automated consumption monitoring.

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Fuel Cost Factors

Fuel costs account for more than 40% of the total operating cost of the fleet of the company. The challenges our clients face today are related to…

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Why ForeFleet?

Orpak’s ForeFleet automatic vehicle identification system for fueling, powers the secure and simple refueling of millions of vehicles worldwide, with clear and measurable …

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How it works

The FuelOpass electronic identifier is installed on the vehicle’s reservoir neck, controls the fuel flow from the pump and ensures that it stops in case the nozzle is moved out of the refueling neck. …

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What does ForeFleet offer?

Powerful fuel economy tools to reduce costs

Graphs and pattern analysis

Easy-to-use user interface

Vehicle tracking, safety and diagnostic functions

Real-time Alarms Scheduled / Extraordinary Reports

Immediate Installation

Detecting and Preventing Fraud

Fuel Economy Emphasis

Maintenance & asset management

International presence

Selected Projects

Logicom’s automated system monitors all refueling process and accomplished fuel cost reduction

Efstathios Athanassopoulos

Ergodynamiki Patra

Logicom successfully installed an Integrated Fuel Management System at the Lignite Centers of West Macedonia and Megalopolis

Christos Totikidis


Through the automated fuel supply management and telematics monitoring of the fleet of vehicles, we have achieved reduction in fuel costs and optimum use of the vehicles of the Municipality

Paris Choumblias

Municipality of Patras

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