How it works

How it works

The FuelOpass electronic identifier is installed on the vehicle’s reservoir neck, controls the fuel flow from the pump and ensures that it stops in case the nozzle is moved out of the refueling neck.

Optionally, a special electronic odometer and engine hours meter (DataPass) is installed on the vehicle, which enables the automatic capture of these data at the time of refueling and calculation of average fuel consumption per kilometer and engine operating hour.


FuelOpass is the vehicle's electronic identity and is positioned around the refueling neck. It communicates with the nozzle reader, transmits the vehicle identity and supports the recognition of the relevant nozzle – neck position.



DataPass collects mileage and engine operating hours and transmits them wirelessly to the nozzle reader, at the moment the vehicle is identified.


ForeFleet software

ForeFleet software can be accessed from any computer or mobile device and provides full visibility of the refueling data, the respective service stations where refueling occurred, benchmarking between fleet vehicles and numerous different reports. Finally, authorized
users can have direct access to the relevant documents.


Fuel Management and Fleet Management

In addition to fuel management, ForeFleet can be a complete Fleet Management and Driver Driving behavior management solution. By installing the DPL telematics device, it is possible to obtain information such as vehicle routes, mileage, speed, stops, driving behavior, engine operating hours, cooling chamber temperatures and much more information that analyzes and upgrades fleet efficiency.