Refueling Assurance

The FuelOpass device is installed on the vehicle and is establishing its electronic identification. It is placed around the vehicle’s fuel filler neck and ensures that the fuel quantity charged has been entered into the reservoir. FuelOpass is available in a wide variety of sizes so it can be installed on any type of vehicle and machine.

It has been installed in more than 7,400,000 vehicles worldwide.

Forefleet web & mobile

ForeFleet is accessible from all web browsers and smart mobile devices. Through ForeFleet users can receive information regarding fuel fillings history, statistics, alarms via emails, etc. The software can support unlimited simultaneous transactions and maintain data for a long time

Recording driving behavior

The DPL’s built-in accelerometer provides information on the behavior of the fleet drivers.

  • Drivers’ driving behavior is recorded and ORPAK’s advanced scoring algorithm calculates a series of data such as aggressive driving, sudden braking and turning of the vehicle, high speed and high acceleration. Driving behavior is directly related to fuel consumption and the risk of an accident.
  • The system produces a series of reports reporting on driving behavior and its assessment, offering comparative information among drivers.
  • Reports such as:

o List of 10 best / worst drivers
o Comparative reports of drivers and vehicles
o Trends per segment / fleet / group of drivers,

help fleet managers reduce aggressive behaviors by reducing fuel consumption and increasing driving safety.

Vehicle Refueling and Vehicle Limits

Through the ForeFleet application, the user can determine, for each vehicle, the maximum allowable fuel volume he can receive per day / week / month, as well as average consumption per kilometer and engine operating time. Before each refueling and after the vehicle has been identified, the system will check the history of the refueling and ensure that the limits set by the operator are respected. Therefore, if e.g. the monthly refueling limit of a vehicle is 100 liters and the vehicle has already refueled 70 liters, the next refueling at any ForeFleet network cannot exceed 30 liters.

At the same time, with the installation of the DataPass device, which accurately records the mileage and engine operating hours of a vehicle or a machine, the application automatically generates a number of statistics based on actual average consumption as well as alarms in the event of oversupply. The manager is allowed to set an average consumption limit whose overrun will not allow further refueling.

Automatic Electronic Document

The ForeFleet functionality includes automatic document distribution and direct delivery to the business and the accounting office via email.

Faster service at the service station

The ability to automate vehicle recognition provided by ForeFleet technology and to ensure that the fuel delivered can only end up in the tank of the priced vehicle offers additional features such as refueling of the vehicle by its own driver without the presence of an employee service station. The “self-service” function is supported by the automatic issuing of the invoices upon completion of the refueling and also automatic electronic sending to the company.

Refueling on a 24-hour basis

The ForeFleet service is active at all partner filling stations, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Refueling can be done by the vehicle driver as the pump will automatically switch on when it identifies the vehicle. The fuel delivered will end up in the vehicle reservoir and the invoice document will be issued automatically without the intervention of an employee of the service station. The transaction can be completed even when the service station is unmanned.

Telematics Interface

ForeFleet supports in a single management platform, the fuel refueling data of each vehicle and the data collected by telematic fleet management. The parallel processing of all factors that influence the fuel consumption of each vehicle combined with the tracking and management of the fleet provides fleet managers with a unique tool to improve the production and reduce costs.


Particularly through telematics the data obtained are:

  • Real-time vehicle fleet tracking on a geographic basis (Google Maps, OpenStreetMaps)
  • Driver’s behavioral analysis
  • Receive alarms and notifications for predefined events. The system has a series of reports, covering the full range of data to be processed
  • All reports are exported in excel, csv, pdf, xps document, tiff.
  • Scheduled auto-forwarding can be set for all reports via email
  • Fleet management:

o The system has a separate module for organizing, managing and recording work on fleet vehicles

Specifically it has:
 Electronic Maintenance Book of the Vehicle (scheduled KTEO, Workshop, Tire Change, Scheduled Maintenance)
 Recognition of expenses of general and special categories.
 Automatic email update for scheduled tasks

  • Fuel Management:

o Consumption analysis per vehicle or vehicle category
o Actual vehicle consumption per route
o Comparative consumption reports between vehicles of the same category
o Vehicle over-consumption notifications
o Displaying monthly fuel consumption and monthly fuel cost
o Comparative consumption and fuel cost reports per month, year and percentage increase / decrease

Ability to import data into ERP

ForeFleet can interface with other market applications.

Through this, two-way communication with any computer system is possible, aiming at eliminating the need to register the documents, saving time, limiting the risk of errors.

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