Why ForeFleet

Orpak’s ForeFleet automatic vehicle identification system for fueling, powers the secure and simple refueling of millions of vehicles worldwide, with clear and measurable value to both oil companies and commercial fleets.

ForeFuel is an automatic vehicle identification (AVI) RFID fueling solution enabling fast refueling with no need for cash, card or coupon payment – enhancing loyalty and allowing self-service refueling.. Optionally, it enables via telematics to monitor and record the driver’s driving behavior.

ForeFleet is unique as it ensures that fuel only goes to the authorized vehicle whose account should be charged. Removing the nozzle and trying to fuel another vehicle immediately suspends RFID fueling activity.

In addition, fuel management ensures the actual depiction of refueling, the automated movement of its documents and the production of statistics and alarms.

ForeFleet benefits

  • Ensuring Refueling
  • Automatically prevent over-consumption based on predefined limits
  • Automated alarms, based on user defined limits
  • Access ForeFleet Cloud and mobile apps to track history, consumption statistics, fuel costs, and alarm definition
  • Automatically deliver invoices and instantly download them via e-mail to your business and accounting office
  • Automatic discount on fuel at selected service stations
  • Ability to import data into ERP
  • Faster service at the petrol station
  • Possibility of credit for the purchase of fuel
  • 24 hour refueling capability
  • Participate in promotions or rewards programs





vehicles worldwide


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Who it may concern

Emergency authorities

Road service


Governments and municipalities

Transportation & hauling

Construction – Mines




Are you ready to try ForeFleet?

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